About Us

Onehealth2011.com is a new website aimed at increasing awareness about health and fitness to all its users. We take a multi-dimensional approach to fitness and look at the person as a whole, not just their level of physical fitness. Mental health, good or bad habits at home and work, certain behaviours and attitudes can all impact greatly on a person’s well being. At onehealth2011.com, we like to try and help users achieve the best possible state physically and mentally.

Within the pages of the site is the collected wisdom of many different experts, each contributing something valuable towards our shared goal of improving the levels of fitness for all our users.

To that end, we like to use this site to provide information about the latest trends in fitness. If there is a great new piece of equipment, a new type of exercise that is all the rage or some exciting new brand of sportswear available, then we want to learn about it and tell you about it.

In addition, we aim to provide expert advice for people to help improve their own levels of fitness and mental wellbeing. We firmly believe that if you are to achieve all you can as a person in life, be that at work, rest or play, then you need to be in as good a physical condition as possible. At onehealth2011.com, we understand that the first step to achieving all your goals, is ensuring you are in the best possible health you can be to do what you need to, to succeed.

Whether it is learning about fitness or personal training through our articles, using our specially selected contacts or becoming an active supporter of the site and joining our mailing list, onehealth2011.com aims to provide everything you need to be fitter and stronger, for longer, all in one place.

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